Philip Goetz
Teacher 2018 - current

I grew up in Lima, OH and received a BA degree from Purdue. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Austin, TX to pursue a career in multimedia. I received a  masters in RTF from UT in 2007 and an MBA from Concordia Texas in 2015. I begin teaching in 2016. 


I've worked as a tv studio manager at a college, sold video and audio equipment for a couple different value-added resellers and have shot video in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando and NYC.

Rakeda Ervin
Program Founder and Teacher 2013 - 2018

I grew up in Springfield, MA and received a BA degree from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.  Shortly after graduating, I made the cross-country voyage to Los Angeles and attended UCLA for a professional program in film and television.


I've worked as a producer on award winning documentaries and television series. My professional credits are with studios and networks like Warner Bros., MTV, A&E and NBC. Recently, I directed a music video for the E4 Youth Music Legacy project and produced digital content for Essence Festival.  


With a passion for education, I became a teacher to inspire the next wave of creative professionals.  My classes include Film and Audio Video Production and Mustang TV.  In addition, I serve as Connected Educator with PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs.