Are you more introverted or extroverted? It's cool. One isn't better than the other.

Students watched a video about the power of introverts.

They answered some questions after the video.

This is the video:

These are two of the questions the students answered:

Tell me something you did once that an introvert would do or something that you did once that made you feel like an introvert.


When I’m at a family party I sit by myself and just be on my phone alone. And I just distance myself from everything.

Making a recording of myself on the first day

On the first day of school in elementary I sat by myself at a table because I didn’t know anybody.

I stayed home when my friends asked if I wanted to go out

I'm not very talkative with people I don't know that well

In my cooking class a teacher said you can work with a group or by yourself and I choose to work by myself

In my cooking class my teacher told me you can work alone or with a group and in the end I chose to work alone

Anxious to speak in front of a large group of people.

First days can be a little different to feel nervous

Im pretty shy at school

write something for someone to present

I ask if I could work by my self rather than a group.

When I used to live in Mexico, there were a lot of times where I used to reject school events or party invitations just to stay home and practice piano or guitar, it was way entertaining and somehow funnier to me.

I was very shy and could not find a group to work with in some assignments in my sophmore year

I stayed home and played video games instead of going out with friends.

Everyday in breakfast i would be hungry but i would have to walk in the middle of cafeteria i just couldn't so i woulndt eat till lunch

Tell me something you did once that an extrovert would do or something that you did once that made you feel like an extrovert.


When I’m around my friends I talk a lot more because I’m more comfortable around them.

Almost everything we do in here

When I was at the swimming pool I was playing football in the water with complete strangers but I was elated, that I didn’t care if I didn’t know them.

I went to an amusement park with friends

I went to an amusement park with friends, and rode a roller coaster

I can be pretty talkative with my friends

I worked in a lab with a group in biology class

A group lab in biology class

At once I was a little nervous starting this virtual school but after it got useful, it felt great coming everyday

I’m not really out going

i gave a speech

I started a conversation with someone and I felted awkwardness because I don't normally do.

Well, I'm not a 100% extrovert myself, the friends I have is because they once started the conversation and I followed, but I'm not someone that goes into a group of friends and start a conversation. So that time I felt like an extrovert, was when I went and started a conversation with the girl I like, thing that I have never done and I felt like an extrovert, I think because I "left my comfort zone".

Volunteered to present first in class

Mostly just talk to the teacher most people just stay quiet

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